About me

Hi, My name is James Clark

I’m a Real Estate Photographer & Videographer!

For several years now I’ve studied and practiced the art of photography and videography to assist real estate agents, commercial/business owners, etc. in the selling of their property. I provide images that are realistic in nature yet bright, crisp, and razor sharp so the photos tell the story behind the home, business, etc. With the advent of the Digital SLR cameras, there are many “photographers” out in the world today. What sets “photographers” apart is the time and skill they are able to provide when processing images. If you’re goal is to engage a viewer and compel them to see a property immediately then you’ve come to the right place. We utilize a multiple exposure flash frame technique that helps images jump out at you with detail in both the highlights & shadow areas of an image. This technique coupled with the use of ambient light helps capture a natural yet powerful image that’s sure to get a potential buyers attention.